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Breast Surgeon in Patras – Brief CV

Ioannis G. Chaveles is a breast surgeon in Patras, Greece. He was born and brought up in Sparta, Greece.


He graduated his medical degree at the Thrace University of Alexandroupolis, Greece in 2003 with a mark of «Very Good».

General Surgery

His General Surgery residency was completed at the Rion University Hospital in Patras, Greece (2006-2012). This comprised 6 months of training in Plastic Surgery.


From 2007 to 2012 he was a Doctoral Research Fellow with the University of Patras Medical School, and the doctoral thesis was presented in 2012, successfully, with the mark of «Excellent».

From 2010 to 2012 he served as a full member of the Scientific Council and the Research and Ethics Committee of the Rion University Hospital in Patras, Greece.

Breast Surgery

From 2013 to 2016 he worked as a Breast Surgeon in the Park Centre for Breast Care, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. During that time he attended more than 1100 and performed more than 500 breast-related operations. He consulted more than 3000 women in his outpatient clinics.

While in the UK he has been attending Royal College of Surgeons’ courses in advanced Breast Surgery techniques.

He is a full member of the ABS (Association of Breast Surgeons UK)

Interventional Breast Ultrasound

The surgeon has completed the Course, Logbook and Assessment of the Bristol Breast Ultrasound Course for Non-Radiologists. The accreditation demonstrates Level 2 competencies of the Royal College of Radiologists’ recommendations.


Since January 2016 he has been participating in the unique Masters in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery in the UK. This is offered by the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.


He has published research articles in medical journals, has has given oral presentations and presented posters in multiple conferences. He has been writing articles and giving informative tasks in an attempt to increase awareness of the modern diagnostic therapeutic modalities regarding the breast health

Patras Practice for Breast Care

In 2016 Ioannis Chaveles founded the Patras Practice for Breast Care centre, aspiring to offer much-needed, up-to-date, specialised breast health services in the region of Western Greece.


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«My driving force is the close co-operation with my patients so as to offer the most modern and least invasive solutions to any breast-related disease»