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Specialist Breast Care in Patras, Greece

The Patras Breast Care private healthcare practice is based in Patras, region of Western Greece.

It was founded by the UK-trained Greek breast surgeon Ioannis G. Chaveles MD, cMS, PhD in 2016.
It aims at providing up to date diagnosis and treatment for breast disorders, under the latest scientific principles.

Triple assessment via interventional breast ultrasound, oncoplastic breast surgery and breast reconstruction -immediate and delayed- are available up to the highest international scientific standards.

Special psychological care is provided for the patients by the co-operating UK-trained health psychologist, Olga-Maria P. Kotopouli BSc, MSc.


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The Breast Surgeon and Health Psychologist at your service

Located in the center of the city of Patras and easily accessible for people living in the greater area of South-Western Greece, Patras Breast Care is the new reference point for breast diagnosis and treatment, surgical or medical.

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